This is What Customer Service Should Be Like!!

This is What Customer Service Should Be Like!!

Great Customer ServiceI was in a Big Box grocery store today, and needed to get a Rotisserie chicken as that is the requested dinner for my daughter’s mom (my wife). Since my grandson was dining with us, I needed to get him his two favorite things to eat – mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. Now normally you have to buy a minimum amount of each as they have certain sized containers that require a specific amount of product.

Now before I tell you the reason for today’s post, I want you to ask yourselves what your reaction is when someone…a customer, asks for something off the menu. Do you happily accommodate them, or do you tend to be more rigid and make the customer stick to the menu items?? It can be dry cleaners where someone wants the old Military triple crease in their shirts, or a restaurant where the customer asks for a nearly custom dish. The point is many times in business it becomes very difficult to custom tailor a customer’s order to a specific need or desire without slowing down the efficiencies in your operation. Honestly most of us say a bit of a curse under our breath while smiling and saying no problem. The old “Have it your way” mantra has been replaced by “Have it our way and Like it!!”

While it may prove a bit problematic in certain business segments to offer a lot of flexibility, it is essential to offer some form of personalized service if you are to create a Unique value proposition to your clientele. It needs to be seen by customers that your business will do the little things to ensure they are feeling well treated, and special. This is what will set your business apart from the competition, and create raving fans that will sing your praises to family and friends and wear a well-worn path to your door.

So, as I was engaging the Deli staff in conversation I mentioned the chicken nuggets and mac and cheese were for my four-year-old Grandson and without even being asked, they used a very small container for both items and said they understood the need for small portions for the little ones. What a welcome exhibition of not only meeting the need but anticipating it without even being asked. And as I was walking away to go checkout I passed the store manager and stopped him, to relay my satisfaction with their service and attitudes, and asked him to let them know it was appreciated. The manager was elated to hear someone praise his crew and said he was headed over at that moment to give them both a high-5.

Are you meeting your customer’s specific needs and desires? And if so, are you sharing the praise with your team?? Great organizations do both and the path to their door is well worn and welcoming!!

Have a great week and drop us a line to let us share some of your successes with your customers!!!

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