Online Rating System

Online Rating System

Now that the Hustle and Bustle of the Holidays is behind us, it occurred to me that there were a few different things that motivated me in my on-line shopping experience.

What I mean to say is: I didn’t just shop on price, or on Advertising saturation, or brand familiarity. I used a combination of all of these things and also one very important Indicator: Customer rating. The customer rating is in essence a report card about the overall transactional experience from your customers, and in the On-Line world it can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

A customer rating is the equivalent of an Thumbs up or down in the Roman Gladiator Arena of the Business world and just like in the arena, too many thumbs down and you didn’t live to play another day!! So with this information in mind, it is imperative that you not only include a customer feedback option for your site, but that you also tailor your questions to provide a quick numerical or iconic way to show the world you are A “thumbs up” kind of business to deal with.

Many sites use a standard Star rating of 1-5 stars with 5 stars being the highest praise and 1 star being well, you don’t want to go there!! But keeping your rating system simple and with just a few questions, and comment box will encourage more shoppers to utilize your rating system and provide you with endorsements that may help consumers like me not only find your site, give me the nudge to trust my money spent with you because others have already done so and approved of the transaction.

Some of the items to add to your rating system:

  1. How would you rate the quality of your purchase?Quality of the product even if you don’t manufacture it personally, is an indicator or your commitment level to your customers if you sell quality, this should always be a High 5!
  2. How would you rate the speed of delivery of your product?  Delivery is an issue we all deal with. We want instant gratification(think Jimmy John’s- it’s at your door before you hang up). Offering multiple options ensures a delivery that meets expectations.
  3. How would rate the VALUE of the purchased item?  This one can be tricky as Value can be confused with Price. By asking the value question you are really saying was the Money spent worth the Product received, not just how expensive it was.
  4. How would you rate our customer service level?  This is the probably the single most important indicator of your value proposition: if you treat the customers right they will share that and you can build on those testimonials.
  5. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with this transaction from us?  This is in Academic Parlance your G.P.A.. Overall did we get the A or B? An overall rating of 4-5 stars is a positive affirmation of your offering and will generate business-new and repeat.

My on-line shopping experience varied from Seamless to one in which I was very concerned about a 30-60 day delivery window that I was not made aware of until after the sale!! needless to say I contacted the seller through the Largest River in the world and was reassured by the seller that the package would be delivered well before Christmas and they gave me an estimated date of the 15th. the package actually arrived on the 12th. My fears had been for nothing, but i did respond with a positive review and a suggestion to update, change or remove the Shipping timeline to assuage fears of a protracted delivery. Oh and I gave them all 5’s on the rating system, because the Value was there, The customer service was there and I would recommend them and buy again.

Be sure to provide  A way for your customers to rate you on-line and do those things necessary to provide that value to keep your grades Up and get the “A” every time!

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