Be a good Gardner-Plant the seeds….Nurture and feed…Reap the harvest!!

Be a good Gardner-Plant the seeds….Nurture and feed…Reap the harvest!!

I just came in from outside and the rain was running down the stems of some perennial tulips in my garden. Seems that they are going to be better this year than ever before.

I planted them when we moved in over 16 years ago and I look forward to seeing them bloom each spring.Spring Tulips

A spring garden is like your customer base. You have your “Perennials”-repeat customers that have found value in your products, or service and keep coming back for more. And then there are your new plants-the one’s that keep your garden looking good, but need a lot of cultivating and even with all of the effort and maintenance, you will still have to replace them because of the very nature of their existence; they’re “annuals”.

So if the annuals (new customers) are so much work why not just plant or target the Perennials as your customer base and be done with it??  The obvious answer is that you will need a variety of Plants (customers) to provide a healthy garden and healthy growth for your business.

Your repeat business has found personal reasons for patronizing your establishment, whether it is your atmosphere, friendly service, Particular menu items or simply the proximity to their home or office. Whatever reasons they may have, you are glad to have them. But in most cases they don’t change their purchasing habits much. They are very consistent and that is a good thing, but they are not your new growth market.

Your new customers are the lifeblood, because they respond to marketing (internal, external, social media, radio, TV etc.) and are looking into your business to find a new answer to a need. Whether it be Products, better service level, convenience, or just a place where “everybody Knows their name”…..Sorry couldn’t resist that one.

So with both demographics in mind, you must remember, that you must be consistent with your care and nurturing of both. The newbie’s who responded to marketing or word of mouth will be looking for the new…the eclectic… the consistent….and the choice that makes them feel good about their purchase decision. They provide the growth in your business and bottom line. The Return/Repeat customer may try the new, but are looking for the consistent service, the consistent product quality and the Ability to feel good about their purchase decision. They are not the primary growth models but create a strong base for your business and it’s need for consistent business throughout the year.

Perennials and annuals…The best gardens and Healthiest Businesses have a great balance and mixture of both.  How does your garden grow?????

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