The First 300 Seconds

The First 300 Seconds

  • 300 seconds. The time it takes to pump 6 gallons of blood through your heart
  • The time it takes your car to reach normal operating temperature.
  • The time it takes to eat a taco.
  • The time it takes for a new customer to determine if they want to be a repeat customer

300 SecondsThese little factoids represent just 5 minutes out of an hour. There are 12 – 5 minute periods each hour and in a 12-hour business day there are 72 such periods. So, in your business, there are 72 opportunities for your business to earn loyal customers or to turn them away to your competition.

Since most businesses rely on repeat business, let’s assume you want to make the most of that first 5 minutes! So how do we do it? Really simply in fact!

  • Acknowledge the customer as soon as they come into your business. That’s it- initially. Just acknowledge them. Make eye contact and Nod, or say hello. If you are Busy with another customer let the new one know you see them, and will be with them shortly. This goes toward showing appreciation and valuing their effort to come into your business.
  • Welcome them –Sincerely!! Introduce yourself and ask them for their name. We all like to be called by our name and be sure to use it when interacting with the guest. Let them know you appreciate them and know they have a choice of where to go. Showing appreciation makes them feel….. well… appreciated. We all like that
  • When business is concluded, Thank them-Sincerely, Use their name again and ask them if you met their expectations today/tonight. Yeah that’s right Ask them if we did our job to your satisfaction and take the news professionally and with interest in making a return visit better if need be.
  • Invite them back-sincerely……

That’s it. Pretty simple all of these interactions will take an average of 5 minutes, total. But it is an extremely important 5 minute as it sets groundwork for long lasting loyalty if done properly and SINCERELY!! Don’t be phony, and go thru the motions. It’s worse than not doing it all. The American public has come to expect less from the business world. You can change that and create a best in class experience that breeds Repeat business and Positive word of mouth to create More Loyal and lasting Fans of your business!!

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