Changes in Customer Service over the Years

Changes in Customer Service over the Years

Memorial Day is one holiday I take very personally. It is a day that as a Nation, we collectively remember the fallen of our Military brothers and sisters who gave the last full measure of devotion. As a veteran, I am proud of a rich heritage and commitment to service of our country.

NYC Restaurant Customer Service

Remembering the past is also something that Business owners should do from time to time as well. The old ways are not necessarily all bad, and the new ways are not necessarily all good. When society changes, we are forced to change with it or be left by the way side. But some of the changes in the new society can have a profound impact on how we service our clients and how they perceive our service levels. Take the story of one New York Restaurant from The Difference in Customer Service 10 Years Ago Compared To Today Perfectly Explained for example. They have been in business for decades, and have received some less than stellar reviews of their service levels-particularly with regard to speed of service. But when you read the full article, you understand “the rest of the story” with regards and respect to the late Paul Harvey.

Societal changes have made the ability to quickly and efficiently service patrons to nearly any sit-down business difficult to do at best and at worst are costing your business more to do it. I won’t give away the ending here, but I would encourage you to read the story and decide for yourself: Is your business suffering a similar fate due to cultural and societal changes? Do you see yourself as having the same number of “turns” or fewer due to the phenomenon of Cultural Change?? We would like to hear from you about your experiences with complaints regarding slower service and how that has affected your business. I have attached the article and hope you will take the time to explore it and compare some of the issues with your personal experiences. Have a great Memorial Day and please remember that our great Flag does not fly because the wind moves it: it flies with the last breath of the soldiers who died defending it!

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