Is your culture making your business sick?

Is your culture making your business sick?

Tootie is a professional in the Medical claims field and has been for over 20 years. She is very good at her job and is a model employee. Seldom if ever late, does not let her cell phone interfere with work, and shows up to work even with a severe case of the black plague!! Just kidding about the Plague but you get my drift here.

Medical BillingTootie just makes her bosses job easy, because she is good at her job, asks for help when needed and can be counted upon to be there and contribute. Tootie also has very few needs at work. Equipment that works, an accessible Boss to provide support when and if needed and lastly she just needs to be given a clear understanding of expectations, and to feel appreciated. Simple right???

Since 2008 when the economy spiraled, more and more people have moved from job to job than at any other time in recent memory. Many of them like Tootie, are looking for a home. But many of these folks just can’t find the right fit- the right culture to help them feel at home and create a desire to stay.

So how do you recruit and retain, and maintain a happier workforce, and grow your business in such tough economic times? Well If I had the complete answer to that one, I would be writing this from some very warm tropical island!! But I can tell you this: a company’s culture is the foundation for whether or not the front entrance turns into a revolving door for employees, and whether or not a business struggles with who they really want and need to be.

Tootie left 2 jobs in 2 years. She was making the same or more money than previously and She was doing similar work. But neither of the new jobs offered a culture that she could embrace-or that embraced her or the other employees for that matter.

But Tootie had former workmates that had been talking to her for over a year to come work with them. They talked about how great the company was to work for, that the communication from the CEO was incredible and Training was great and she should really come try it out.

Tootie finally gave in and talked to the Former associates HR team and after meeting and learning a bit more about the company, she joined them. Immediately she noticed quality training program, Genuine communication, and an obvious concern for the Team and co-workers from the CEO, and all of the management staff. Many of the employees have been there over 10 years. She is barely one month into the new gig and could not be happier. No more gnashing of teeth about the moods of one boss, or the fear of walking into a layoff of another and being kept in the dark. Both of those previous business had a Toxic culture because the employees felt undervalued and were not communicated with regarding changes and things that directly affected them. Her new employer communicates regularly from the CEO on down and has a monthly state of the company meeting for all. They have wellness clinics, and other programs aimed at ensuring the employees feel valued and appreciated. The culture promotes Growth, inclusiveness, and strives to show genuine appreciation for team members. And by the way Tootie took a cut in pay and pays a bit more out of pocket for some benefits. Why??? Because in Tootie’s mind being part of the culture and team of this company is worth it. Is your company culture promoting a cohesive, high functioning team, that would sing your praises to strong candidates? Or is it driving your best performers and possibly future rock stars away??

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